Terms of Agreement

The terms detailed below set forth the use of user-provided information and the administration and protection of such information.

Section 1 – Information

When you make a purchase through our website, we capture your personal information, such as your name, address, and email address, as part of the purchase process. This information is handled with high confidentiality. When you browse our website, we capture your IP address, browser, and operating system automatically, which allows us to optimize our interaction with you. Additionally, we apply cookies to improve your experience with our website. With your permission, we will send you emails about the activity and information about updates to the event.

Section 2 – Privacy Policy

When you enter the personal information, we require to complete your transaction, you are also granting us the right to capture that information. Such information will only be used by our company for the reasons you provide it to us and for statistical, marketing or satisfaction survey purposes. If we need your personal information for a secondary reason, we will always ask for your consent.

Section 3 – Security Policies

TWe take all reasonable steps and precautions to protect your personal information and follow industry best practices to ensure that your information is not used in an inappropriate, altered or destroyed manner.

Section 4 – Payments

The payment methods used by our website are provided by third-party services or by personal assistance. We have verified that the third-party services comply with all security and encryption standards to keep your transaction information safe using your credit card however we are released from responsibility regarding the use given to the information by these third parties. Our website does not capture, transmit or save information related to payments made through these services, transactions made are directed to its portal designed with the highest security standards in the market for these purposes. We only use the information necessary to complete the required registration process. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of these providers to learn how they handle the information provided.

Section 5 – Receipt of Records

Once the payment is completed, participants will receive confirmation of payment and registration of participation to the email indicated in the registration form.

This document will be required at the time of arrival at the event to allow admission, confirm your registration as a participant and receive your welcome dossier.

Section 6 – Returns, Refunds and Cancellations

The registration of participants for the 6th International Congress of Health and Wellness Tourism is individual, only changes or transfers to other people are accepted upon request, no later than 3 days before the day of the conferences, to the organizing agency, AF Strategic Communication. If they are altered without this consent, they may not have personalized materials, badges, etc.

The registration of participants will be refundable under the following conditions: 60 calendar days or more before the event or in case of a definitive cancellation 95%; 60 to 45 calendar days before the event 75%, 45 to 20 calendar days before the event 50% and less than 20 calendars, no refunds will be made. In case of change of date of the event or temporary suspension of the same, the registrations will be accepted for the new date of realization of this as soon as this is determined it will be communicated directly and / or by the media.

90% of the value of the registration of participants will be refunded to residents outside the country, who, due to force majeure or travel impediment, do not allow their participation or that there are changes in the date of the event and cannot attend on the new date.

Section 7 – Prohibitions

The following shall be prohibited:

  • Sale of goods or services or the display of goods and services for sale during the event.
  • Distribution of printed or recorded materials of any kind, without authorization.
  • Photography, video recording or recording of any kind for commercial or advertising purposes.
  • Engaging in any unsafe act that could put your life or the lives of other attendees at risk.
  • Entering the event with alcoholic beverages, hallucinogenic substances, or any illegal substance.
  • Smoking in the event halls or outside designated spaces.
  • Attend the event with pets or animals.

The organization reserves the right to admit or request the departure of an attendee to the event for the aforementioned conditions or for any other justified that threatens the smooth running of the event.