Be a Sponsor

Benefits of being a sponsor

  • Opportunity to meet keynote local as international speakers, authorities and decision makers.
  • Opportunity to connect and accomplish negotiations with important health, economic and tourism sectors authorities.
  • Opportunity to position and of your brand being recognized in a new niche market.
  • To learn about new trends, investment and financing oppdportunities in the health tourism sector.
  • Appropriate enviroment to create synergies and productive networks.
On being a sponsor and its benefitsDiamondPlatinumGoldSilver
Presence of logo on websites of the 5th international health and wellness tourism congress and at the dominican health tourism association (ADTS) with link to its digital portal.6 months6 months4 months2 months
Logo on top positions on advertising campaigns to be placed on the diverse set of media.
Logo on advertisements, promotions and social media.
Mention of your company as one of our sponsors at the different publicity campaigns and promotions of the event.
Personalized registration8642
Invitations to the innaugural cocktail8642
Area for your company stand/kiosk3x22x22x2
Area for your company to place one permanent banner inside room where conference is to take place.10x108x8
Display of logo on projection screen during cocktail and recesses.Higher projection displays
Logo on agenda that is going to be distributed during the event.
Advertising in the agenda1 page1/2 page
Option to deliver printed material, promotional material or souvenirs in bags or executive binders that are to be distributed to participants at the event.2 promotional materials1 promotional material
Presence on tensed panel with logo of sponsors at the lunch and cocktail area.
Presence of logo on lanyards.
Logo printed on event tickets and on innaugural cocktail invitations.
Company logo placed on welcome arch.
Broadcast of event via a commercial television channel.
Logo on advertising placed on media depicting your company as participant on the 5th international health and wellness tourism congress.
Invitation to investment luncheon.Two invitations to investment luncheonOne invitation to investment luncheon
Priority access to networking lounge
Special mention on keynote speakers