Be a Sponsor

Benefits of being a sponsor

  • Opportunity to meet keynote local as international speakers, authorities and decision makers.
  • Opportunity to connect and accomplish negotiations with important health, economic and tourism sectors authorities.
  • Opportunity to position and of your brand being recognized in a new niche market.
  • To learn about new trends, investment and financing oppdportunities in the health tourism sector.
  • Appropriate enviroment to create synergies and productive networks.
Sponsorship and benefitsDiamond LunchDiamondPlatinumGoldSilver Lunch
Congressional registrations.88642
Invitations to the inaugural cocktail.88642
Logo printed on the invitation of the inaugural cocktail.
Invitation to the investment breakfast.2 entries2 entries1 entry
Space to promote a service or product of the company or video presentation of 3 minutes maximum with audio price or post at lunch.Only video
Option to place a video on screen in refreshments with subtitles (without audio).1 minute1 minute30 seconds
Space for stand placement.3x2 mts3x2 mts2x2 mts2x2 mts
Space to place a permanent banner inside the conference room.10x10 ft10x10 ft8x10 ft
Display of the logo on the projection screen during the cocktail and congress breaks.ExclusiveExclusiveShared
(2 logos)
Panel presence with sponsor logos.
Welcome arch logo.
Option to perform a marketing activation during the event (must be evaluated and approved by the organizers in advance).According to availability
Mention during the event.
Advertising on the agenda.1 page1 page1/2 page
Logo shared in the agenda delivered in the activity.
Option to deliver printed, promotional or souvenir material, in the packages or folder that will be provided to participants2 materials2 materials1 material
Logo on the lunch menu of the congress.
Logo in advertising placed in the media.Diamond spotDiamond spotPlatinum spotGold spotSilver spot
Logo in welcome promotion on social networks.
Mention of their participation as a sponsor in the media of dissemination and promotion of the event.
Logo in the thank you advertising placed in the media.Diamond spotDiamond spotPlatinum spotGold spotSilver spot
Promotion as a sponsor in digital shipments, sent to the database of more than 2,500 contacts in the sector.
Presence of logo on the websites: Congress and in the Dominican Association of Health Tourism with link to its web portal.Diamond spotDiamond spotPlatinum spotGold spotSilver spot